Enterprises are spending their marketing budgets on digital marketing to boost their business.
There will be 41% rise in the digital marketing jobs in the coming year. There will be higher salaries, creative and secured job profiles.
• Students thinking of digital marketing career will be a wise idea.
• You must add skills to your resume that are demanded by the firms.
• First thing you need to research your required skills and expertise.
• Flexible work environment.
• The demand and supply theory, demand for skilled digital marketers is high but the supply is very less. Firms are in hunt of skilled professionals, cultivate stronger skill set.
• You can be your own boss. Earn by blogging, build fan base and sell through your blog.
• Most creative career – you can add more innovative ideas.
What you learn
• Learn designing an appealing and engaging website through WordPress
• You will learn the advanced concepts of how to grow any type of business
• You will learn how actually Google works and ranking factors
• Learn creating your own YouTube channel and the way to increase subscribers
• Share your personal interests in the form of blog and make Google place ads on your blog. (You get paid).
• Make any business visible when user is searching for it through Google ads.
• Don’t spend any money but still Google recommends your website. You will learn how to optimize the website.
• Facebook is not only just for chatting and sharing. It’s beyond that.
• Create awareness about your company by using the best social media channel.
• Use help of Instagram to increase sales on website.
• Every concept will be taught to you in advanced and with real time examples.
• Finally learn graphic designing through Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator
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